Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dining alfresco

Beautiful day on tap in P-town, so the kids and I dined alfresco, overlooking the lovely Lake of the Woods Plaza parking lot, at Bernardi's. What can I say? When it's nice out, I'll take a parking lot view over being inside any day.


  1. There's a restaurant other than the Woodcutter in LOW plaza?! Wow, I really need to come back to Peoria soon.

  2. At first I thought they put in an swesome deck/patio on the apartment...if that were the case you may never move! :o)

  3. Who cares about the view when the weather is awesome! I agree (and am really jealous since we had 30 mph wind and horizontal rain for the past two days here in Seattle).

    Thanks for stopping by Sanity Department, by the way. I love making new bloggy friends!

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by the Range! I love having new folks drop in. Come back again soon!

    Great pics of your adorable kiddos! We were having great weather here too until yesterday and it has all turned to rain, rain and more rain. Sigh...so much for tanning these mayo white legs! :0)

  5. Hi there! The whether here has been on the warmer side lately but it's wayy better than drabby winter. It looks great on your end as well and mmm that sourdough bread is making me hungry!

  6. looks like such a lovely day!
    sometimes there's nothing better than eating outside :D


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