Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crushin' on my base trim

Finished painting casing last week, started base trim this week. I am head-over-heels in love with my super-extra wide base trim!
Other good news on the house front...plaster-ers started today. Plaster-ers. That's awkward to say.
Brick begins Monday. Our bricklayer (much easier to say) has been poking, so we're glad he committed to a start date finally. Okay, I guess his "poking" has been finishing other jobs, but doesn't he know my job should come before all others?!!
Good things, good things. Sooooo ready to move into my new home and decorate, landscape and ENTERTAIN!!! Have been missing hosting gatherings soooo very much!


  1. Oh man. I too am crushing! That is hot!

  2. I'll come help you landscape, pretty please!

  3. Hi Marci!
    glad you stopped by my Blog.
    Love to make new Bloggy friends.
    I signed on as a Follower of yours, so I'll be back. Gotta see that new house as
    it is created. What a fun time for your family!


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