Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ode to my morning commute

I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy my 20-minute morning commute.
I've gotten to "know" other people and their vehicles that travel my way every morning.
I greet my fellow commuters, albeit silently in my head, with a jovial, "good morning, fellow productive members of society", and bid those that exit the highway prior to me a happy day.
Alone time in a car (or anywhere) is a precious commodity to a mother, and I cherish every serene moment.
I won't miss my job when it ends in six weeks, but I think I might miss my commute a little. Definitely won't shed any tears for it, but will remember it fondly.
I wonder if the other commuters along my path will notice I'm missing?
How about your commute, if you have one? Like/dislike/indifferent?

**After re-reading this post, I thought I'd clarify that I don't think people heading off to work in the morning are the only productive members of society. Not at all. That's just how I view my road companions, is all.


  1. You're so right about alone time being precious, that's for sure!!! I hear ya! I love driving, so my commute anywhere is generally enjoyable!

  2. That first picture is the stop light where I end up at after dropping my stepdaughter off at school every day. Tomorrow I shall bid you a 'good day'!

  3. I love my 3 hour commute to work and cannot wait for my day at work to end so I can have another 3 hour one on the way home...can you tell I am being sarcastic?!?! Seriously though - it does give me a chance to listen to some NPR, books on tape, catch up with family phone callsm etc. That being said I don't think I would miss it - I'll leave the missing to you! :o)

  4. Too funny about you "getting to know" the other drivers...I totally remember that about my 5 minute drive to work at State Farm.. I always same the peeps in their car every morning and often wondered if they ever noticed me too.....

  5. Hmmm...I drive around for a living. I don't think I've ever seen the same car twice? But yeah, I can totally see liking that. I see the same peeps at Bread Co each morning, that counts, right?

  6. Marci, you are funny. When I worked outside my home I would use the commute time to organize my thoughts and get prepared for either work or home. I often felt I was on auto pilot just driving driving the same route.
    I would have been eying the Dunkin Donuts and thinking about coffee!!!

  7. I love my commute! 9 miles against traffic couldn't get any better. When you've had some awful ones like I've had, you learn to give thanks for the good.



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