Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day overload

How my earth-friendly children honored Earth Day this year:

1. Picked up gobs of yucky, germy garbage then handed it to me, as if I am the keeper of other people's yucky, germy garbage.
2. Took their baths in the dark to conserve energy, then complained about how they couldn't see anything.
3. Filled their baths just a little bit, then complained when their inch of water turned cold almost instantly.
4. Collected all our empty food boxes to reuse as nifty jewelry boxes, pencil holders, and treasure chests, which, of course, just clutter up our home.
5. Actually attempted to dumpster dive in order to retrieve bottle caps that they are collecting for a school recycling project. I thwarted their efforts.

What are the schools teaching our kids?! (asks the teacher).

I'm all about the Earth...honoring it and all...but we are on Earth Day overload in this house. Can't wait to return to our energy-consuming, garbage-tossing selves tomorrow.


  1. I recycled old potting soil from last year today. Happy earth day.

  2. Too funny :0) Andrew made me type on the computer in the dark earlier and I could not even see the keys (they are black, after all). That was after we ate dinner in semi-darkness. Then he informed me I should not be using the computer anyway, so he shut it down! Thank goodness he's in bed now, so I can waste as much energy as I please! LOL :0)

  3. We hooked up the new computer which is much more energy efficient than the I logged off work early as an environment was down so I only had 1 computer going at a time instead of 2...and since today was non-Chicago I didn't even drive my car anywhere!!! I know you can applaude if you want. :o)

  4. I love their enthusiasm! I always want my kids to pick up trash. It seems so noble, until they actually go to touch it and I'm like " NOOOOOO! GROSSSSSS!" They say it's the thought that counts!

  5. Hi Marci! I am on brain overload, did I ever come by and thank you for stopping by my blog? Well Thanks!!
    We were slackers yesterday....didn't do much. My son won a reusable grocery bag at school for his close guess as to how many juice bags they have recycled in the last year, over 6500, that's good!
    I want to look around more..........have a great day!

  6. I'm with you, I understand the need to love our Earth and all that, I do. I recycle, I try to be a responsible consumer, etc, etc. But I'm happy to do what I can without the 8 billion reminders a day. So I am also happy that Earth day is over. Does that make me bad? I hope not.


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