Thursday, April 2, 2009

Celebrity crushes

Jack Bauer, from 24. He was my celebrity crush BIG-TIME a couple of years ago. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I would have thumb-tacked a poster of him to my bedroom wall, and if you've been to my home, you know that is so NOT how I decorate. But for Jack, I would.

We haven't watched 24 for at least 2 seasons, just one of those things. Got busy, the writer's strike delayed the season, etc. I'm over my Jack Bauer crush now, although I guarantee I'd fall right back into if I watched his show again.

Last year, a totally fun teacher I subbed with polled all the teachers for our 5 top celebrity crushes, and then even went so far as to type and print the list. Funny. She had George Bush on her list. Oh, we razzed her for that. Nothing against George Bush, but for your celebrity crush? Come on.

Blair Underwood is on my list, too. He is hunky. Hunky. Not sure how I feel about that word. I don't think it expresses how hot I think Blair Underwood is. Hunky is too close to chunky, don't you think? Not to mention junky, gunky and funky (in the bad way, like "those socks smell funky").

Who is your celebrity crush, I wonder?

**Special thanks to Heather, of Heatherty Featherty for guest blogging for me yesterday! Large fun!


  1. Oh trust me Marci- if you saw this season of 24 you would be tripping over youself for some Jack! He is so easy on the eyes to watch. Michael Weatherly from NCIS- he plays Anthony DiNozzo..he is super yummy!

  2. My crush would have to be George Clooney. YUM!

  3. I can't get enough of Keith Urban, I must say. And I still have a place in my heart for Michael J. Fox and Andrew McCartney (Pretty in Pink, that totally dates me, I know)


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