Friday, April 3, 2009

My day in grades

Thursday report card

Morning-before school: A+
comments: Everything went smoothly. Alex helped make the scrambled eggs for breakfast and I had plenty of internet time before I left for work.

Morning-at school: A+

comments: Thursdays I have good students, so no problems.

Noon: A+

comments: The rain held off, so I was able to walk with my co-worker buddies.

Afternoon: B+

comments: Not bad for a gray day, but I'm mad at myself because I ate at least 15, maybe 18 mini 3 Musketeer bars. Ugh...

Evening: B+

comments: Pretty good. Had to run errands with the kids, then ate at Steak N Shake. I felt a little (by a little I mean a lot) irritated watching Jami run her sleeve through ketchup at least a dozen times. She'd push her sleeve up, it'd fall back down. You get the idea.

Night: A+

comments: I love Thursday nights and Thursday night t.v.! And I so love me my bedtime every night. Zzzzz...

I wrote the top part before bed but I'm typing this part on Friday morning. I change my overnight grade to a D because I felt extreme anxiety before falling asleep. Worried something might happen to Alex and Jami or Jeff. Hate it when that happens.
Then, I had a horrible nightmare which involved being sued over a hot dog. I know it doesn't sound bad now, but it was so realistic and upsetting in the middle of the night.
So anyway, a "D" it is for Night.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!! Hope it's an A+ across the board!

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  1. I'm so sorry someone sued you over a stupid hotdog. I hate it when that happens.

    You deserve an A for admitting how many mini Three Musketeers bars you ate. I'll admit it. I ate about a dozen chocolate Crunch easter eggs yesterday afternoon.


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