Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Sweet pea, apple of my eye..."

You know the At&t wireless commercial where the dad takes his child's stuffed monkey out of town with him and snaps pictures with his cell phone along the way? Sends him to his daughter so they can keep in touch during his trip? They play the song "sweet pea" by Amos Lee during the commercial?

Anyway, Jami has always loved that commercial, so last year she asked Jeff to take her Care Bear to work with him. Being the awesome dad that he is, coupled with the fact that he can't resist his daughter, he obliged. These are of few of the pictures from "take Care Bear to work".

Jeff participated in a career day presentation last year for Jam's kindergarten class about being a pilot and showed these pics during it, which the kids enjoyed.

**The really cool Southwest airplane picture was "borrowed" off Facebook from our friend, Chris. I didn't take the time to ask him if I could borrow it, so I hope he's not mad. He's a pretty mellow fellow and an awfully nice guy, so I don't think he'll mind.


  1. That is so cute! I haven't seen the commercial, but I think it's awesome that your husband took the Care Bear to work!

  2. So sweet. Such a good guy. *sigh*


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