Thursday, March 5, 2009

Milkshakes and manuscripts

The Likeness
by Tana French is what my book club is currently reading.
Just picked up my copy at the library today, so will dive in tonight.
I'm excited, as I've heard nothing but good about it.
I do not like the cover, though, nor do I like how the colors clash with the pillow it is leaning against.
Minor details that I'm sure won't affect the quality of the story.

After school milkshakes at Hardee's.
The same Hardee's where I worked in high school!

What's up with Alex's tongue halfway sticking out?
Not sure I'm liking that anymore than I like the cover of "The Likeness".
Whole lot of "likes" in this post,
and I don't like that.

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  1. Hi Marci~ I'm in awe you stumbled on my blog! :) I love making new friends! I too love milkshakes! (too much, unfortunately!... McD's is what captivates my milkshake attention!)


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