Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Around the village

Ooh--winter in central Illinois is breathtaking, isn't it?!!!
To be fair, the blue sky is nice.
The brown fields?
Not so attractive.

If you ever find yourself in the Village of Dunlap, I highly recommend you stop by "Not Your Average Cup of Joe". Love the name. Good food, treats and coffee, too.
Or check out...

Jane's Icebox for breakfast. lunch or dinner.
Yummy eats.

Aren't these establishments cute?
So old-time, which I adore.

Happy meanderings around the village, y'all!

*To clarify: Although it appears that I now work for the Dunlap Chamber of Commerce, alas, I do not.

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  1. Lol! Hey, the chamber of commerce might offer you a job. When we were travelling through country New South Wales I did a post about passing through a little town called Balranald. Next day I got an email from the Balranald chamber of commerce thanking me for my post and offering photos and info if I ever wanted to post about Balranald again! It could happen to you!


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