Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not gifted at gift wrapping

I rely 100% on gift bags we receive from others to wrap the gifts we give. I don't do a nice job packaging presents, that's a fact.

These pictures are of the gift we bought for my niece's first birthday party. She's one and I use a tie-dye bag? Nice.

There were a lot of charming pink and lavender gift bags at the party, and then one tie-dye. I didn't even use tissue paper. Jeesh.

I admire beautifully wrapped gifts, I just don't put forth the effort to create them. And I'm okay with that. The end.


  1. LOL....I actually think Emily liked all the bright colors of your bag tho Marci! ;0) I think it gave her something to stare at on the way home in the back of the van lol

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Yours is fab too! I love it! :) Thanks for the add! Have a great day. MBM

  3. Guess we will have to keep this in mind when we give you guys gifts to make sure we get you bags for every occassion to reuse. Go Green!! :o)


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