Monday, February 16, 2009

Toothpaste tornado

This is Alex and Jami's toothpaste tube. Yuck.
You should have seen their bathroom before I cleaned it. Toothpaste everywhere.
This is a big issue in our home.

At our house, prior to moving into our apartment, Alex and Jami each had their own sink, so that was motivation to be neater because I could always tell who was abusing the toothpaste.

But here in our little, tiny nest, they share a sink, and let me tell you, all hell breaks loose, during tooth-brushing.

I refuse to put the toothpaste on for my 6 and 8-year old. Please.

I might assign one of them to my bathroom, so we can compare who the slob is again.

I don't know, but something must be done...toothpaste tornado season must end.

Ooh-I just had a brainstorm! I am such a mental giant. I will buy Jami pink toothpaste and Alex will have the blue. Ha! That'll get 'em.


  1. LOL! Too funny!! We just switched Lluke from the floride free toothpaste to the Crest Kids and he HATES IT! He cries every time he has to brush his teeth! I finally caved and bought him the old kind after a week of whining about the new "yucky" toothpaste!


  2. Ohhh, the different colors is a great idea. I have a feeling you'll find the blue tube is messier. Just a hunch.


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