Monday, February 16, 2009

My fabulous day off!

Alex and Jami had school today and I didn't--yipee!! I went and sat with my babies while they ate, then I high-tailed it to Grand Prarie, one of my favorite places in Peoria.

I met some girlfriends for lunch at a yummy German restaurant, then I shopped. I loved it!

Funny that I returned to the work world because I had too many days like this and got restless/bored. I can't really imagine why I felt that way now...

One of the many reasons why having a job is a positive thing--perspective. It's all about perspective. I mean, without a job, I wouldn't have appreciated this day off so much.

Oh, and the pic of the school lunch is just for old-time's sake. Remember school lunches? Yea, they haven't changed much. Nor the trays.

Off to take a walk now on this beautiful sunny day before I meet Alex and Jami at the bus stop and head to gymnastics.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!!

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