Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is Marci currently reading? (because I know you've been wondering)

I am enjoying reading "The Best of Everything" by bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby. It is about a new wife who is addicted to shopping, which is causing major marital conflict.
I am aware that shopping is an addiction (retail therapy, anyone?), although it does not happen to be mine. My addiction is food. I've heard that everyone has two addictions, but I can only come up with food for mine. Maybe a.m. coffee? Perhaps fountain soda a couple times a week? I'm not too concerned about it, really.
Anyway, I like the story so far, and I'm about 3/4 through.
2 thumbs up.


  1. Mine is definitely shopping so I guess I better get this book. Although it doesn't cause marital discord (yet) it does cause money discord.

  2. Hummmm...wonder what mine are?? Diffently food and not sure what my other is???..... Can I borrow the book from you when you are done, or did you rent it from the library?


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