Monday, February 16, 2009

My purchases today

So everyone has been asking me what I bought on my shopping trip today, so I'll show and tell you. Yea, okay, so I'm kidding about people asking me about my purchases. No one asked me. And shame on you for that. But I'll show you anyway, because that's how I roll.

I bought those adorable capris up top, with the cute thingy in the back and groovy cuffs. Then the peach top that has the flattering sideways-swishy wrap-like things. (I wouldn't be very distinguished at catalog writing, would I?)

I also bought some eggplant-colored yoga pants to lounge in--no picture, as I'm wearing them.

I got everything from New York & Company. I heart New York & Company.

New York & Company


  1. Cute! I think the sideways swishy wrap thingie is very flattering. I want a shopping trip day.

  2. Fantastic choice!! Love those capris and pick top... New York & Company is really best one!!


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