Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bronzer breaking age barriers...

Many times I have read in magazines that you should only keep your makeup for a few months or so, then throw it out and buy new.

That got me thinking about the bronzer/blusher I own. Must admit I've had it a little longer than the experts recommend.

I specifically remember purchasing it back in 03. Yes, I said 03, as in 2003, as in 6 years ago. Oops.

I just don't wear makeup on my skin much (obviously). I do wear eyeliner and mascara daily, though.

But I remember back in May of 03, my friend Marie came to visit/cheer me up because Jeff was at war. Marie's face had a great glow, but I knew it wasn't from the sun, since Marie is ultra-aware of how the sun's rays age skin.

So I asked Marie what she used and she told me bronzer. I went out and bought some the very next day. May. 2003.

Even typing it out doesn't make me feel the need to throw it out and buy new, especially since I know I have at least 2-3 more months left of it. Take that, makeup experts.

**BTW...I changed my layout again in honor of St. Patty's Day. I am enjoying the change and hope you are, too!!


  1. I'd say six years is a pretty good life for a bronzer. When that one dies its eventual death, go to the mall and have the ladies at Bare Escentuals show you their stuff. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It goes on so nice and it's fun to play with and gives you a really pretty glow.

  2. 6 years! Wow.. I thought I was good with my Clinique blush that lasted 3 years! LOL....Should we have a service for the bronzer? ;0)

  3. Just at work and catching up on your blog. So many things have happened this past month. Sorry to her about Roger Cat. Thanks for the tip on how to keep my Freesia comin. I am going to place an order. sheri


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