Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sportin' Heatherty Featherty to Picnic at the Playground

Alex and Jami's school hosted a fundraiser tonight: picnic on the playground. Clever, huh?
Jami wore her Heatherty Featherty top to school today and to the fundraiser tonight, which she thought was pretty cool.
I'm scared, though, so scared to have her wear the Heatherty Featherty white bermudas. Terrified. She wants to wear them, they fit perfectly, but they are crisp and new and did I mention white? I know I need to just let her don them now, as she'll outgrow them in a few months, and wouldn't that be a shame if she outgrew them having never worn them because of my silly fear of dirt on white?
Well that decides it. She is wearing her beautiful clean white bermudas this weekend, dirt be damned!

**To check out Heatherty's other creations or buy some from her Etsy shop, visit her blog by clicking here.


  1. That brownie looked to die for! I am glad you stumbled upon my blog by the way. I like all the home projects you are doing! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Oh hilarious about the white - I have some white items myself {mostly bags, ha!} that I am always afraid to bring out in fear of having a no-longer white bag. The event looks like it was fun!

  3. Get the OxyClean spray for wash or even a bit of plain bleach. I've never met a stain I couldn't put in its' place! LOL.

  4. Yummy food!

    I just let Ashley wear her Skirt for the first time today...when she saw me, she informed me that is had NO DIRT!!! WHOO HOOO

  5. That top is adorable-- and I completely understand your fear of letting the little ones wear new clothes. I tend to save really cute outfits for special events since my 8-month-old can destroy an outfit in 10 minutes flat:-). Love your blog!!

  6. Marci Marci Marci - I you sure you just aren't jealous of how cute those little bermudas are and want them for yourself?!?!?!

    Let the wearing begin and if they get dirty and the stain can't come out then do what I do...get some Rit and dye those bad boys navy and they will look just as cute with those tops!

  7. Love the top and now I'm hungry from this post! :P I left you an award on my blog! :)

  8. Hey, that's a great idea! Dye them if they can't be bleached white again!


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