Friday, May 1, 2009

Pictures of my boyfriend, Charles

I can neither confirm nor deny that these pictures aren't of my boyfriend Charles, but are actually Mario Lopez.
But these give you an idea of what my boyfriend Charles looks like. And an accurate visual of what he wears to hang drywall.
I almost shot a pic of my boyfriend Charles after school yesterday, but got all silly-acting about it. Darn crushes, make me all giddy.
Also, you have to know my boyfriend Charles to appreciate his hot-ness. (Know him like I do, after one week.) I didn't think photos would do him justice. I'll have Jeff take a picture of me in my marshmallow suit and post it later.
Have a lovely Friday, my friends, and don't forget to enter Heatherty's giveaway here!


  1. Oh my!!!!! I am getting a little HOT over here with that butt shot!!!! He is so FREAKING HOT!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY.

  2. AC Slater never looked so good - you should have pulled up a vintage Saved by the Bell shot!

  3. Slater was my crush from SBTB. He has only gotten better with age.

  4. I saw this post in my blog reader and all I saw was the title and the pictures. I thought to myself, "that is not "Charles"." I wasn't sure who Charles was, but I was sure that those pictures were not him. So, I knew I had to come over here and set the record straight that it was Slater (aka Mario) in those pictures. We're on first name basis. I also needed to make sure that you didn't have any other pictures of "Charles" on here for my viewing pleasure. Mmmmm. He is yummy.

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

  5. Oh Marci, I LOL'd! I love Slater! Except that he was on that Pet Star show on Animal Planet...


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