Friday, May 1, 2009

New head coach and marshmallow mama

Introducing...head coach Marci! I volunteered to coach my 8-year-old son's baseball team. Volunteered. Me who knows nothing about baseball beyond 3 strikes you're out. What was I thinking?!! Jeff is my co-coach, which will help (a lot), except he will be out of town on Wednesday evening practices. Fortunately there are 3 assistant coaches. First practice tomorrow a.m.~wish me luck!! It'll be interesting...
I'm just wondering how I will juggle coaching, teaching, painting/staining, parenting and my new boyfriend Charles?

Me in my marshmallow suit that I wear while painting to protect my school clothes.
You can imagine my dismay when my boyfriend Charles saw me in this ridiculously sexy get- up!!

My feet still look glamorous, though, right?


  1. You are a good mamma! I'm pretty sure that the kids would know more than I do about baseball. So you get a standing ovation from me, I'm genuinely impressed.

    And I love the marshmallow suit, I need to get one for when I'm giving the kids a bath!

  2. You're feet look awesome! I'm sure your secret boyfriend totally noticed.

  3. I admire you for taking on any additional responsibilities at this time in the school year! Good luck with your coaching. You son won't forget that you did that for his team.

  4. Yay for volunteering, I'm sure you have a blast!

  5. I LOVE the suit! Haha! You could come up with some kick butt halloween costumes using it!


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