Monday, May 18, 2009

Are you bored to tears yet?

Sorry that it's all about the house lately, but it is pretty much consuming our lives at this point.
These are pictures of the stair/railing parts I'm working on and our venetian plaster. It will dry a little lighter than what it is now.
Mud and tapers will finish up Friday on the rest of the walls.
Brick complete at the end of the week.
Cabinets arrive Friday.
Concrete driveway and appliances next week.
We are so approaching the finish line~woo-hoo!!


  1. Your house is going to beautiful!

  2. I LOOOOVE house stuff! Keep it up!

  3. Wow - that looks like a big project!! Good luck :) Thanks for swinging by my blog today...yours is really cute too!

  4. You guys are getting so close!! This was the part I began to really enjopy in the house building process as you see great progress made, or as Gabe saya "All the finishing touches come together" - what ever you want to call it....LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Keep going... i love seeing your updates!!

  6. I love anything that has to do with home renovation - so I love looking at other people's renovations and renovating vicariously through them. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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