Thursday, May 28, 2009

And we enter a new phase...

My son rebelled last night. He's only 8 1/2...just seems too young. He wrote this letter after he felt "over-worked and under-appreciated", while he feels his sister doesn't have to do much of anything, chore-wise. He's right, of course. Alex does far more chores than Jami, but she's the baby after all.

So Alex came up with a new chore plan (that gma put in his head) where he gets paid per chore instead of a flat weekly rate. What a load of paperwork, I tell you! Oh, and he decided how much every chore is worth. Right now he's getting breakfast for all of us, so that's 75 cents. I guess that's reasonable.

Oh, the drama of being a mama...

BTW, can you believe the nerve of him, addressing me as "Missy" in the letter?!!
My favorite part: "I know I'm gonna be in trouble for this, so sorry."

Another BTW: I've never had a Brazilian bikini wax, just regular bikini wax. Wanted to set the record straight. I love the conversation that flowed because of that post! Funny.

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  1. I love the notes. I get a lot of notes...

  2. Guess that is what I have to look forward too! LOL...I am sure Luke will be giving me lots of notes about little Emmer's!

  3. Not quite sure what to say...but funny!

  4. This is hilarious! He called you "missy"...ohmygoodness. Sounds to me like he's a man on a mission and definitely knows what he wants. Those aren't bad qualities when channeled in the right direction. :)

    Too cute, thanks for sharing!

  5. A formal letter at that age...look out Donald Trump !!!

  6. I love that he called you missy. Sassy or trying to be respectful? This just totally cracked me up!

  7. You will definitely need to save that for when he is much older, ya hear me Missy?

    Too cute!

  8. Oh yeah, you MUST save for this for when he's older!! ahahahhahah!!

  9. too funny!

    i love that he is finding logic in everything. you've got a smart cookie!

  10. Oh, Missy, I hope you gave him a raise? What nerve it takes to not only ask for one, but threaten to call THE DAD just in case! Smart cookie.


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