Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks for serving

Our friend, Muck, at his going away party.
Muck is in the Air Guard and heading overseas soon.

Muck, Marci and Dave.

Jeff W. and Brian.

Jeff and Dave.

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  1. I'm out visting some of my followers today to say "Hi". Great pictures....Good luck to your friend Muck....I hope everything goes well and he stays safe. Jamie

  2. Aw, so great to see those guys! I hope Muck stays safe and the time goes by quickly.

  3. Thank you Muck for serving our wonderful country!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and now I am going to tag picture that's all you.

  5. "God bless and go with Muck".
    BTW, is "Muck" his last name, or
    just a very interesting nickname?


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