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Rerun--clipper-crazed mama

Clipper-Crazed Mama - Edit
August 31, 2008
I have been cutting Alex's hair all summer--just a simple buzz cut, no big deal. Why I would wait until school started to get "creative" with my poor son's hair is beyond me. Maybe it's because I teach art now, so I think all the world is my canvas, even Alex's head, I don't know.

Anyway, I got all funky with the clippers, took the attachment off, and before you know it, my son had a bald spot on the back of his head. But, no, his clipper-crazed mama couldn't stop there, no. I had to proceed to buzz another bald spot by his right ear, then to make it match, his left ear. Seriously.

Finally, I got a grip on myself enough to step away from the clippers. However, the damage was done. I thought I just wouldn't tell him, since he couldn't see the spots. But Jami announced two seconds later, "Bear, you've got a big old bald spot on your head!"

Fortunately, he handled it really well. In fact, he barely seemed to care at all. We will need to figure something out before school on Tuesday, though. Also, I am retiring my clippers, much to my son's and husband's delight!

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  1. Oh My! he he I feel for you, as I too have had that same problem with my clippers? My son (poor little guy) Handsome little devil, your son. I noticed you are a new follower.Thanks. Nice to visit, love your page. Have a wonderful week.


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