Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Which bitch?

One of my friends on facebook updates her status as "laundry bitch" when she's doing the laundry. Every time that pops up, I have hysterics.

Got me thinking (am I ever not thinking? Oh, it's hard being such a brainiac.) which bitch am I? I mean, what is my favorite chore, and then that's my "bitch" category.

I think I'd either be the vacuum bitch or swiffer bitch, since those are my two very favorite chores. Okay, I've decided. I pick swiffer bitch, because it sounds best.

Do you think anyone would pick toilet-cleaning bitch? Not I. Or what about those antibacterial cleaning wipes...any takers for antibacterial wipe bitch? Yuck. And ewww.

Dusting bitch wouldn't be too bad, nor would dish bitch. That actually has a really nice ring to it.

Just another important, heavy thing for you to ponder on a random Wednesday: which chore bitch are you?


  1. I'm definitely a laundry bitch. And a lawn bitch. I actually like the ring of that, kinda like lawn boy but different.


    Holy crap, that was funny! I think I may go buy a Swiffer just so I can be one, too! Nothing else sounds as good.

    I don't have chores anymore. I'm not allowed. So my husband has become the All-Encompassing Chore Bitch. YEAH.

  3. I guess I would be all of the above! Include pool bitch too, and that's a bitch to vacuum!

  4. How about the dog poo bitch. I hated that job and so glad we don't have those days anymore. Living in town you had to pick up everything YUCK!!!

  5. I'll say it loud and proud...I am a sheet changing bitch. There is something about clean sheets that makes me so happy. Even if it is on other peoples' beds.


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