Thursday, March 19, 2009

A river (or creek, anyway) runs through it

Hello, gorgeous spring day.

The beautiful, clear creek that weaves through our land.

We have sandy beaches along the creek's shores and lots of those fabulous rocks that you pay big bucks for at the landscaping store.

Tomorrow I don't have school, but my children do, so I'm going out to the house with Jeff to work all day. I hope to have a very productive day on clean-up duty while Jeff starts putting in windows and doors, which, by the way, were delayed a week.

I'm thinking that, for March twentieth, bliss will be working alongside my husband on our dream home, enjoying a productive spring day and each others company.

FYI, I'll be wearing my granny panties for the occasion and my un-sexy socks. But I just might sport a pair of sexy pig tails...or an even sexier low pony with a baseball cap. Which will it be, which will it be...

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  1. Pony tail with baseball cap, definitely.


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