Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boggling bloggity business

Okay, as promised, I will give you a little *snippet* as to all the excitement that is forthcoming at my blog.

I have TWO BIG announcements, but I will only speak of one today. I like teasers.

So, the first bloggity bigness is...

A Guest Blogger on my site!! That's right! An amazing and fabulous, not to mention very talented, guest blogger will write a post on my blog soon!

I will not tell you when. You will just wake up one day to find a new blogger on my site, while my post will be on her site for the day.

Fun, fun!

I will reveal the guest blogger's identity at a later must stay tuned!!

And I will drop clues to the other bloggity bigness at another time, as well. Ooh...the suspense!!


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