Monday, March 23, 2009

Gondola division

Jeff and I agree to disagree on how to divide our gondolas.
Being the efficiency queen that I am, I grab a hold of that bad boy and tear it apart.
(right side of sandwich in pic above)
Jeff, however, feels it is much more refined to slice the gondola with a knife.
Ooh, Mister fancy pants prefers to use a fancy knife to cut his fancy gondola.
(left side of sandwich in pic above)

So, Jeff says to me last night, "You should blog about our gondola issues."
And I was like, "As if that's interesting enough."
Then Jeff said, "Uh, I read your blog, Marci. I think this gondola story makes the cut."

But I guess he must be right, because here I am blogging away about slicing vs ripping a sandwich. Wow.

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  1. LOL...Too funny! I think I am a ripper if at home, but when company comes over we have to whip out the knife...whats next on your blog Marci...TP over or under the roll??

  2. I'm a cutter. I like the clean lines, it makes biting easier.

  3. Tear, cut. Whatever. Dig in. I love my gondola.

  4. I don't know....Marci, do you make low, guttural sounds when tearing?

  5. Ben & I just got gondolas on Sunday...there was half of one left & he asked me if I would share it with him. I said "sure," grabbed it & ripped it in half while he grabbed for a knife. (shocking, I know) If it was another sandwich I would have cut it...but Avanti's bread is so soft, why bother! : )

  6. My husband and I are exact opposites - he's the ripper, I'm the cutter.

    And BTW - TP always goes over the roll!


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