Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here it is! You have until Friday to comment on any of my blogs this week, starting with this one, which will enter you into the drawing for...wait for it...wait for it...

Your very own set of handcrafted note cards!!! From my mom's Etsy shop!
A very cool giveaway indeed!

The more times you comment this week, the greater your chance to win. Comment on different posts this week to increase your chances, not commenting over and over on the same post. Then I'll use the online randomizer to choice the winner!

Remember, from Monday until Friday you may enter by commenting on my posts.

I will announce the winner on Saturday.

Click here and here to see more pictures of the very clever and cool and fabulous handcrafted notecards.

You can also click on the picture of the hats to the right and down (my mom's etsy shop link) to see more pictures.

Good luck!!! And have a fabulous week, friends!!


  1. LOVE the cards! So cute! I can't wait until I win!

  2. Pick me! : )
    Fun idea with the giveaway, Marci. I don't do homemade cards, but I love the look!!

  3. What a great daughter!! And adorable cards that I would like to win! So put my name in the hat.

  4. You are to funny Marci. You just want to know who the 100 people are who are reading your blog. I do enjoy all the updates. Sheri

  5. Marci,

    I agree with you on the gondola, just give it a rip. About the cards I could always use some extra note cards.


  6. I love you, Marci! Cute cards :)


  7. Such cute cards! Good luck to me!! Ha Ha!!


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