Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fur & bout you?

Jeff and I were hanging out last night after the visitation, when I started going through his phone contacts to find a number that I needed. I came across "Rock Salt Dave", which was funny to me and prompted me to pull out my phone to read my contacts from a different, impartial "eye".

I have "Fur" listed in there. No other name for the guy, just "Fur". Fur is actually Harry, a subcontractor of ours, but Jeff and I always call him Furry, or Fur for short. Harry/ Furry...get it?

Then there's "The Goat". The Goat is our builder-helper guy, whose name is really Don. He can be crotchety (but we adore him), so we call him Donny Goat Gruff, after Billy Goat Gruff, and of course we shorten it to The Goat. We keep the "The" on; it's never just Goat. How we show a little respect, I guess.

Then I scrolled upon Bubba in my contacts. Huh? I don't know any Bubbas, nor do I call anyone Bubba. So I pushed send, for my curiosity was killing me. Bubba Dump! The big dumpsters you rent for your work site. Light bulb illuminated and I remembered.

Which all leads me to question my 100+ readers a day--yes, that's right, I have a hidden stat counter and I know you're out there, even if you never comment--who is listed in your contacts? Any silly surprises like in ours?

Have a rockin' Saturday, my friends!!!

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  1. Very clever with the counter. I must admit you have me hooked and I vistit almost every day or so. But some days I will hit the site 3-4 times because I'm really bad a scrolling down my favorites list and hitting the buttons too fast. Say hi to Jeff for us. And I can't wait to see how the house is looking.


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