Saturday, February 28, 2009

House progress report

It's exciting! Things are hopping and moving at 1120 Bristol Hollow!!

What's up:

*Jeff started electrical yesterday.
*Plumbers finished Thursday.
HVAC started and will finish early next week.
*Roofing starts Tuesday.
*Ordered doors and windows last week.
*Have one
sider who can begin in two weeks, still waiting on other sider's bid.
*Brick/stone-layer lined up, but don't know when he'll start?
*More rock ordered for driveway, which has taken a beating.
*Septic finished up 2 weeks ago.
*Plasterer has been out (2 weeks ago) to "look around" and adjust bid.
*Interior doors ordered a week ago (early because they were on a great sale).

It's looking good!

Pictures to follow later this weekend.

*Funny side note:
I had to pick out an entry door this week, so I stopped at Carver Lumber after work one day and fell madly in love with one of their double-entry doors on display. Quickly asked the sales lady for the dimensions, price, etc. Guess how much that beautiful, love-of-my-life door cost?
Nope, higher than that.
Ooh, good guess, but not quite.
You're close...


I called Jeff and we had a great laugh, then I proceeded to choose another fabulous door for a far more reasonable price.

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