Thursday, February 12, 2009


Jami, Alex and Sarah July 08
My friend, Tammy Martin, called with the best news...her daughter is 6 years cancer-free!! We are thrilled for the Martins!

Tammy and I are college friends and she just happened to marry a great high school friend of mine, Tony.

Tony is actually responsible for Jeff and I being together.

Tony and Jeff went to SIU together and came up to visit me at EIU, where I introduced Tony to Tammy.

Tony was crushing on Tammy big-time, so in order to get Jeff to drive him back to EIU for more Tammy-time, he told Jeff that I was crushing on him.

Anyway, they came back to Eastern a couple weeks later and the rest is history. Tony and Tammy will celebrate their 15-year anniversary in April, while Jeff and I will celebrate our 15th in July.

After we were first married, we even lived within an hour of each other in Missouri and would hang out on weekends. Wild how things work out sometimes.

Anyway, I am thrilled that Sarah got a clean bill of health. She is a sparkly, dynamic 7-year old who you can't help but love as soon as you meet her!

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  1. That's awesome for the Martins! And I've been wondering how you and Jeff got together, couldn't remember that, so what a cute story!


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