Friday, February 13, 2009

Early bird specials

While Jeff is flying, the kids and me eat at Avanti's North most every Tuesday evening and Bob Evans most every Wednesday or Thursday evening. By evening, I mean 4:30ish. I know, I know that is so early, but we're hungry and running around to activities, and why not?
We're getting to know the other 3 regulars that eat at that time...of course, they are all 75+.
We exchange pleasantries and they tell me how well-behaved Alex and Jami are, but we don't know each other's names.
It's comfortable and cute and I'm totally down with the early bird special. Except there is no discount unless you're a senior citizen, so I guess what I'm really down with is eating dinner at 4:30.

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  1. There is one thing I miss about Peoria. I miss Avanti's. I would make the drive up there just to eat their lasagna and salad with ranch dressing. Maybe I'll have to do that.


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