Monday, February 2, 2009

Doodoodooodooo (Twilight Zone Music)

My vehicle is totally kooked-out lately.

The dashboard lights randomly flash on and off for no reason and then stop suddenly, for no reason. It's been donging sporadically, and the only thing that makes the dong stop is turning on the left turn signal. Speaking of turn signal, the right one pretty much stays on continually. (On the dashboard, not outside, thankfully).

Jeff and I are oddly unconcerned about all these strange happenings in my Durango. But I wonder, should we be a little worried, maybe?! Perhaps look into the situation? Ah, I'll think about it tomorrow...

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  1. I wouldn't worry. The minute you said "DURANGO" it all made sense. Dodge is notorious for electrical problems, so this is probably just a fuse or wire problem. It may cause you to break down unexpectedly on the road, or it may just be an irritation for the life of the car.

    They didn't call them "do-hays" for nothin.

    (Wow, living with a car guy has really rubbed off on me.)


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