Monday, January 12, 2009

I Want To Be On A Billboard!

I want to star on one of those billboards they have around town with different character traits and then it says, "Pass It On". Shrek is on one and Einstein. Also the guy who donated bone marrow to a stranger.
I must say that was one of my main motivations in becoming a registered bone marrow chance at maybe starring on a billboard. Cheesy, I know, but I'm being honest. OOH--maybe that could be my trait on my bb--HONESTY, then my mug, then PASS IT ON. Perhaps I could do a split-screen with Abe Lincoln or something. Hmm...
I wouldn't want to be on a billboard for teen pregnancy, although I guess I'm past that now, right? Also the cigarette/second-hand smoke bb--no desire to appear on those.
I just think it would be so fun to see my big ole mug up on a billboard. It would make me laugh and smile every time I drove by.
Also about being a bone marrow donor, people would bring me casseroles. I know these things because when my friend Janet heroically donated her kidney, she had people delivering meals for like months. She got other gifts, too, like a fabulous fluffy robe from her co-workers.
Sure, you can just go out and buy a robe, but isn't more special to have earned it by giving a piece of yourself, literally?
I'm no Mother Theresa, obviously. I donate blood on a regular basis, but I do it for the free check-up (you know, blood pressure, temp, other things) and it makes me feel a little loopy for an hour or so, in a good way. And definitely also because I would want others to donate for my babies if they needed it. But mainly I really like that loopy feeling...

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  1. Was it Janet C from Dunlap that donated her kidney??!! I've gotta know!

    I pass out when giving blood, so it's not a fun high.


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