Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Funny Thing About Bad Moods...

I observed something funny about bad moods last week. On Wednesdays, my mom meets the kids at their bus stop and takes them back to her house until 5:30. So I have from 1:30, when I finish work, until 5:30 all to myself. Can you say, Wednesdays rock?!
After Jeff, Alex and Jami arrived home Wednesday evening and after I actually had to converse with them, I realized that I was in a grouchy mood, something I hadn't noticed when I was all alone for 4 hours.
Makes me wonder... are you only in a bad mood when faced with people? Does a person in solitude feel grumpy? I would not be happy in any kind of solitude for very long; I am a people person, but it makes me wonder...are people the catalyst for bad moods? A necessary ingredient to crankiness? Hmm...

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