Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clothes make the coach

I'm in need of some cute coach's clothing. I feel as head coach I should look adorable. Because I'm fabulous like that. Thing is, shiny shirt/short combos aren't really my style. I'm thinking just a few nice, fitted tees with cotton shorts or jean shorts? After all, my job is just to feed the pitching machine, not actually sweat. Which I am thrilled about, because it gives me an important purpose and it is super easy. Found my niche on the field, couldn't be happier, just need the cutie-patutie clothes for the job and I will be s-e-t set.
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  1. Oohhh good luck. Go with the cotton shorts! :)

  2. fun stuff! i miss school sports so much. thanks for stopping by! love your blog too.

  3. I say you convert a t-shirt/jersey/polo into a fun golf dress - wouldn't that be the cutest coach outfit?!?!?! You could always bring the side pony out with it and it would make any outfit a hit!

  4. That sounds so fun! =.) Thanks for checking out my blog! Your kids are precious! =.) I say go with the cotton shorts and a fitted tee - can't go wrong with those. Just make sure they coordinate with the team colors! Have a great day! =.)

  5. I agree, if all eyes are on you-better be looking cute!

    Hey, I posted something for you on my blog yesterday... snatch it up if you want it.

  6. IMO,the only that is a must is a baseball cap of your favorite team, the rest is whatever you want.
    Have fun and start getting your tennis outfit ready....now that is where it is important to wear something fashionable!


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