Saturday, April 11, 2009

We could adopt her

We've spent a lot of time with cousins this spring break, especially Allie Grace. Alex told me the other day, "Mama, it's okay with me if we adopt Gracie." Hmm...good to know. Now we just need to clear it with her parents?

I love the "girls time only" sign. Some things never change, as I remember making signs like that when I was little.

We took the photo of the three of them in the parking lot of Hannah Montana movie. Yes, I am that good of a mother that I took my children to see Hannah Montana on opening day.

Our friends, the Franks, joined us, so there were plenty of giggles and singing and smiles. I must say, the movie was cute and the Hannah's music is always catchy.


  1. How cute! I can see why Alex would think of such a thing- Allie Grace is adorable!!!
    Thanks for letting us tag along with you! The kids LOVED the movie- including Andrew (to his surprise). Now our mission is to learn all of the words and dance moves to Boom-Dee-Clap :0)

  2. Love Hannah! Myley, not so much.

  3. You are a super Mom to go on opening day! Kudos to you! I would not mind seeing it...surprised my girls haven't asked. Maybe the Tivo helps me out, they miss a lot of commercials.


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