Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A visit to the storage unit

We visited our storage unit today in search of Alex's baseball, bat and glove, as baseball practice begins Saturday.
I miss my things! My 2 oak rockers and my 25 gallon crock~can't wait to move you into our new home!
And the piano? Jami has been waiting for you so she can start lessons. Sadly, Alex hasn't missed you at all, since he didn't care for piano lessons in the least.
Soon, my glorious objects, soon!
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  2. Hey Marci and Jeff
    I saw that you are looking for baseball equipment for the start of the season. Here we are at the end of our baseball season. I forget the difference in sport seasons. We started at the end of Feb./first of March. And our season ends May 23rd. I guess they do not want the kids to burst into flames in the hot weather there. Have a great season Alex!!
    The house looks great,it looks like you should be in soon.


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