Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Versatile vinegar

Our BUNN needed some routine maintenance. Poor thing was suffering the ramifications from hard apartment water and was poking out our morning coffee, which was unacceptable, I tell you. Jeff and I want, no make that need, our a.m. coffee, and we need it pronto.

So out came the vinegar for the cleansing process. As I opened the vinegar, memories washed over me. You see, I have been known to use vinegar on my children for "offenses of the mouth". I think it is a gentler approach than soap.

I started the vinegar treatment when Jami went through her wailing phase at the tender age of two. If she wailed, she would receive a swipe of vinegar in her mouth, which would leave her gagging. It was great fun.

Alex was included in the excitement, but not for wailing. His offense was sassing. Oh, he was a mighty sasser when he was four. (Still can be at 8, come to think of it.) Out with a sass, in with the vinegar. Good times, good times.

My children have mostly outgrown offenses of the mouth, so the vinegar was shelved a couple years ago, until the BUNN beckoned it.

I called the kids in to share my fond vinegar memories and they started gagging and salivating. Oh, their expressions were absolutely priceless! Obviously they have fond vinegar memories, too.


  1. I totally forgot you did the vinegar swipe, I need to steal that idea!

  2. I may be emailing you for technique on the vinegar swipe method for sassmouth cure.

  3. you need to do an entire post just about the vinegar swiping. can ya tell...i need some help!!

  4. Ok, so I saw your comment on "Meanest Mom" and I had to come take a look....That made me laugh out loud!!!! I am sooooo going to do that!

  5. I had to laugh at the phrase "it was great fun."

    Hey, whatever works!

  6. Oh you were kind, my mom would wash out my mouth with soap infront of everyone then i'de be made to swirl it around in my mouth as she embarrassed me while everyone was watching...my face was SO red!!. She brought me down a peg or two- I love no-nonsense moms!!.


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