Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My neurons are misfiring

You know how when you hear about someone having lice, your head starts itching? (Can you tell I'm a teacher?!) Or when someone throws up, how all of a sudden you start feeling a little nauseous? Well I think that is the phenomenon occurring with me, regarding staining our wood doors and my fuzzy head.

I hear all the time how paint, cleaners, varnishes, etc are bad for you to breathe, so while inhaling stain, my brain started feeling fuzzy. That's really the only symptom, although I tried to search for others. So I'm worrying that the fumes and whatever ingredients the stain contains may be bad for my health. Too much information can be a bad thing, I think. Meaning, I wouldn't worry if I wasn't inundated with things to worry about.

I googled "pictures of stains and varnishes" to add to this post and the grossest thing popped up. Pictures of blood-stained gloves. Yuck. I am not pleased to have viewed those. So distraught am I by those images that I am not going to add a picture at all.

Please pray for my fuzzy brain and misfiring neurons and maybe my transmitters, too. Thank you.

**If you want a great laugh, check out this blog of unnecessary quotes. I laughed my booty off, I tell you!


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this fuzzy time~

  2. I'm extremely disturbed about the blood stained gloves. Goo.


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