Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yahoo mail--control your ads!

The jiggly-bellied lady diet pill ad that is above my yahoo inbox is very disturbing to me. It makes checking my email a most unpleasant experience.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? Her flubber just jiggles and jiggles. Eww.

Then I can't help but wonder...do they target their ads so they fit the person? Does yahoo know about my jiggly belly? Oh, the horror...


  1. Trust me Marci, your jiggly belly is non- existent comppared to mine!

  2. The ad shows up on my browser pages all of the time, and I, too, was questioning why??

  3. Didn't you know?? The Yahoo Mail is all-knowing. That's why there's always a bitch pill ad that shows up when I check my inbox.

    Thanks for stopping by! I like it when people laugh at me instead of get offended by me!

  4. Ha! Sorry, I just had to laugh b/c I totally relate. Occasionally, that ad is on my blog (I participate in Adsense) and it is horrifying. Supposedly it is targeted to certain keywords in a blog or website, although I am certain companies buy their space. That ad IS totally horrifying though! I hope they dont know about my jiggly tummy...


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