Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sheer Freesia Bliss

Yay! I just ordered my favorite "sheer freesia" lotion and body spray from

They discontinued it in the stores two years ago, but my niece who worked there at the time hooked me up.

I ran out, though, and thought I would just have to find a new favorite scent, until my friend Tracy, who works at B&BW, clued me in to the ordering on-line thing.

In a nut shell, if the store doesn't sell your scent anymore, chances are you can order it on-line. Rock on, right?

Happy days are here again! In 3-5 days I will once again be enjoying the blissful scent of sheer freesia!

Oh, and please try not to be jealous of my influential friends at Bath and Body Works.

BTW--how much do you love the color of my font with the background design? Very, very much I bet!

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