Friday, February 20, 2009

Health and fitness Friday--veggies under cover and entertaining exercise

I'm starting a new Friday feature called "health and fitness Friday", where I talk about health foods and exercise.
A couple of my SILs have Jessica Sienfeld's cookbook, which has recipes for "sneaking" vegetables into your meals. I love that idea when you have children (and for me as well), as sneaking is sometimes the only way to get people to eat certain veggies. I'm going to borrow some recipes from my SILs, but in the mean time, please share any creative ideas you might have for incorporating more vegetables into your diet.
I also like the convenient packs of fruits and vegetables, pictured above, as slicing vegetables and fruits in my condensed apartment kitchen is a hassle.
For the exercise portion, I've been walking with a co-worker over our lunch hour, and tonight I'm going bowling for some entertaining exercise. Tomorrow, the kids and I are attending a roller skating that will be some seriously fun exercise that I'm looking forward to.


  1. Marci, I have that cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" and it is wonderful! I make the beef stew, throw it all in a crock pot (along with the hidden veggies) and the kids never know (much less, taste) them! I also like to make pumpkin muffins (with some choc. chips for good measure and kid-friendliness, of course!) The pumpkin is just sweet enough to taste good for the kids, but has a lot of bang for the buck as far as being good for them. Also, have you ever tried chopped spinach in lasanga? I was able to pass it off as "parsley" for some time before the kids caught on! : ) Lisa

  2. Thanks for the tips, Lisa!! I will definitely try the pumpkin muffins--they sound delicious!! We are big lasagna-eaters, so I'll try the spinach in it next time, too. Thank you!


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