Sunday, February 22, 2009

Someone's been Krogering...and it was a beautiful experience

First of all, the aisles were--wait for it-- empty! Everyone at church, I guess. Not us, as the sermon at Northwoods today was about "saving yourself for marriage", which has zero relevance to my life.
You could sit and relax and enjoy the Kroger environment at this lovely bistro set. Yea, we didn't do that, but it's nice to have the option.
Wine cellar...need I say more?
More mmm and yum.
Yummy olives in--gasp--gorgeous crocks!!
Happy balloons!
Sushi! I love me some sushi.
If only this were a scratch-n-sniff blog...these flowers smelled as delightful as they look.
This was just plain comical. My two big ole honkin' kids stuffed into that car cart--priceless!


  1. That last picture is perfect. My two little ones were in the car cart at Lowe's first thing this morning. I should have snapped a picture. Your Kroger looks remarkably improved from the ones I remember. No olive crocks at the old one.

  2. Alex & JAmi ar a HOOT!!!! Love it!!!


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