Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Biggest Fan

So I caught Alex on the computer the other day posting a comment on my blog. (His comment is the one about his Steelers bedroom).

See, he had heard me complaining to Jeff that no one ever comments on my blog except for the 2 Heathers. (Thank you, Heathers)! I don't know why this is a big deal to me, but it is.

Being my sweet little boy, Alex thought my feelings were hurt and wanted to fix that.

I was a little concerned about him actually reading my posts...I mention babies popping out of vaginas...not something I want my 8-year-old to read about. (Alex and Jami still think babies pop out of belly buttons, and I'm good with that).

Fortunately, he claimed he didn't read any of the posts and I believe him, because there would have been some serious questions if he had, I'm sure!

So now Alex is my biggest blog fan. Appropriate, since I am his biggest fan, as well.


  1. I am your second biggest fan....and I'll send you a message on Facebook with a little secret that will boost your spirits a little. A blogger secret.

  2. Sorry about not commenting more! I kinda suck at that!

  3. Hey Marci
    Well I have been looking at this page forever..laughing and seeing old friends but it took me til now to realise that I could reply to your blog. Yes a 8 year old has better computer skills than I do. The game on Sunday was a real close one..while we are still Viking fans you could not help but get caught up in the spirit of the team living here. We cheered and had a party watching the game on the projector outside with a fire and went to bed feeling sad for the team. I'm sure Alex was over the moon since it was such a great game. Your house is ssoooo beautiful the progress is looking good. We can't believe that Jeff retired both Tom and I remenber when he enlisted (in the 1st grade) and now for him to retire makes us seem so old. We are proud to know someone who has served our country and is such a great person. Well I could keep going on and on but now that I know I can reply I will do so more often.
    Regan Finnegan


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