Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LOVE it!



Check out these picture frames on Etsy.
Heatherty Featherty introduced them to me via her blog. BTW, Heatherty's blog is a wealth of knowledge.
The frames are simply too cool for school.
For those of you who aren't aware, etsy.com is a shopping site with all handmade items. Pretty unique and I likey.


  1. Oh, yay, a crosspost! I love Etsy. I like to support handmade stuff and mom and pop shops. You knitty gritty girls could make a living if you got together to sell your coolio goods!

  2. Hello again Marci,
    Boy are you busy!! I saw the post about the frames and wanted to tell you that Marc Rachowicz's wife Paige make and sells frames she makes too. She does any custome order. Her web site is www.paigesframes.com Might be a great baby gift for your new niece or nephew.


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