Friday, February 13, 2009

Farewell, classic black cardigan sweater

Farewell, classic black cardigan sweater, circa 1994.
It was a gift from Jeff our first Christmas married. Of course, I had hauled him to The Limited (my favorite store at the time) and pointed it out to him and very specifically informed him that I wanted to unwrap that on Christmas morning. Yea, I'm a little practical about gifts.
I still remember that it cost $30. I think we got quite a bargain, 14 years later, you think?! I would average out the cost per year, but that would be math. Marci doesn't do math.
I love, love this cardigan, but when I put it on this morning I noticed that it is starting to look a bit worn...arms stretched out and its shape isn't what it used to be. Then again, my shape isn't what it used to be, either, so I shouldn't judge.
I am an anti-pack rat, but I think I will keep this sweater. After all, it's a classic, right?


  1. How sweet! I too have one 'gift' from my hubby that, I can't part with either. Nice to meet you, your family is beautiful.

    Dancing through

  2. Oh, I like her name....Nekkid. I agree, you've kept it this long, what's another 14 years? You don't have to wear it, it can just live with you.

  3. I now know where your writing should be, as newspaper articles, you know like Carrie in Sex in the City. Check into it, the PJS needs an updated idea.
    And really, not to be the disagreer, but throw it out and buy anew.

  4. OMG--that last comment so had to be from my friend, Patricia. You would be the one to say "throw it out"!!!


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