Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dodging bullets

We all go through the day dodging bullets, whether we realize it or not.

At Jami's gymnastics the other day, I ran into a lady who attended Dunlap High School. (she actually graduated with my older brother, in 88). We started chatting and come to find, she had a stroke back in 2000 while giving birth.

Her pregnancy had been perfectly healthy and normal; there were no indications that this would happen.

Now she is on disability for the rest of her life and can't have any more children. Obviously, she feels lucky to be alive, but jeesh.

So really, just making it from point a to point b in your car safely is successfully dodging bullets. Walking down the road without being struck by a car, surviving the day minus a heart attack or cancer, etc, etc, etc...all dodging bullets.

We so often forget to give thanks for the behind-the-scene blessings, like, I am grateful to have survived labor and delivery twice without having a stroke.

It sometimes seems some of us are blessed with bullet-proof vests. How are we so lucky? How are others not? Hmm...

Heavy stuff to contemplate on a Thursday morning...

Pictures are of Jami and then me holding Jami shortly after giving birth, minus a stroke, thank you very much. No, really, really thank you, thank you!!!

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  1. You're right, there is a lot to be thankful for every day. I can remember with each of my pregnancies having a moment of panic at about 7 months that I actually had to get this person out of my body without either one of us getting hurt. The enormity of that is huge!


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