Monday, January 19, 2009

In Three Words...

School tomorrow...yay!

Those are the 3 words to describe my day today.

I saw a segment on Good Morning America a few weeks ago called "Your Week In 3 Words". I thought it might be fun to do "My Day In 3 Words" all week.

It will be somewhat of a challenge, as I am not exactly a 3 word only gal, but we'll give it a go!


  1. Good about "Where is Jacob" or "Come Jacob Come" or "Let Labor Begin"...hmm seems I have a one track mind with my 3 words!!!

  2. Let's see.....I'm with you on the school tomorrow thing! Um, for today mine would be "no shower. yuck."

  3. Go Steelers!! What a great year to be a fan!! Especially for an 8 year old boy. Man is he ever lucky!



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