Thursday, January 15, 2009

Charm School

Jeff told me about the pilot he's been flying with this week. A nice guy who kept insisting that Jeff let him know if there's anything about him that he doesn't like.

The reason he was begging for feedback was because of another pilot who was sent to the company "Charm School" because he had so many complaints about him being a jackass.

The pilot Jeff flew with had a theory that if only someone had confronted the guy about being a jerk, maybe he would have turned it around. He thought maybe the guy had no idea he rubbed people the wrong way.

Could that be? Could the jerks I know really be unaware of their rudeness and poor behavior? If a person were to tell them, would they be like, "Oh, I wasn't aware. I'm sorry, " and then start acting nicer?

I'm not sure I buy that, but I might put it to the test by calling jerks out from now on. Even if it only works to change one jackass, wouldn't the world be just that much better?

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  1. I agree but I don't really have the personality to be confrontational unless it is really bad. You just call them out dear it always makes for an interesting ride home!!



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